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Top 'Big Bad' Anime Villians Trivia

Apocalymon – ‘Digimon Adventure’


Top 'Big Bad' Anime Villians - Apocalymon - 'Digimon Adventure'

Because he’s forced to live in a world of emptiness and darkness, watching as other Digimon enjoy the happiness he is denied, he decides that the only solution is to corrupt the rest of the world to be just as miserable as he is. Apocalymon takes the form of a blue-skinned humanoid wearing a black cape with red trimming, a grey helmet with yellow markings, and a scar on its left eye. It is a Digimon who appeared when negative thoughts were drawn together by darkness from whom some claim it appeared to purge the chaos of cyberspace, and reduce it back to nothing; others claim its arrival was spoken of in ancient texts.