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18 Reasons Why Krillin Reigns Supreme in Dragon Ball Z Anime

He Killed Hella Saibamen


He Killed Hella Saibamen

In the period between the opening arc of Dragon Ball Z – in which Goku was killed – and the Saiyan Saga, several of Earth’s best fighters prepare for the impending alien invasion. No one trains as hard as or improves more than Krillin, who is as determined as ever. The results play out in front of everyone when Nappa and Vegeta decide to attack the Z-Fighters with a horde of Saibaman. Saibamen are grown in the ground and have power levels of 1,200, meaning that, individually, they rival Raditz. An incensed Krillin flies into a rage and succeeds in killing the remaining Saibamen with relative ease, proving how far he has come.