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18 Reasons Why Krillin Reigns Supreme in Dragon Ball Z Anime

Pure Motives


Pure Motives

According to BlerdsOnline, “His motives are purer than any other character’s. He realizes he has limits and he still finds way to be useful. He doesn’t hide away from a fight he knows he will lose if he knows it’ll save a life. He’s not above evacuating civilians in a battle instead of hiding or being another casualty. Krillin isn’t an extraordinary being. He’s just a regular who goes above and beyond what is asked of him and because of that, he is the best Dragon Ball character.” We couldn’t have put it better. While Goku lives for the battle and kicking butt, Vegeta has to prove that he is the strongest, and Yamcha is only in it for the fame and glory. Nine times out of ten, Krillin fights for the greater good. Krillin’s a top guy.