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Sports The 10 Sexiest Football Players in the World

8. Erika Cristiano Dos Santos


The 10 Sexiest Football Players in the World - Erika Cristiano Dos Santos

The 32-year-old Erika Cristiano dos Santos is one of the most recognisable Brazilian football players.

Erika has been a professional player since she was 15. During her career, she’s played for clubs such as Santos Brasileño, the Gold Pride in the US or the PSG in France.

Currently, she’s playing for the Corinthians, the largest club in Brasil. Erika managed to win the Copa Libertadores and became a sub champion in the Brasilian Tournament.

She played in the Worldcup with the National Brazil Team in 2006, 2011 and 2018. Furthermore, she managed to win the American Cup in 2018.