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Top 'Big Bad' Anime Villians Trivia

Ragyo Kiryuin – ‘Kill La Kill’


Top 'Big Bad' Anime Villians - Ragyo Kiryuin - 'Kill La Kill'

Ragyō Kiryūin is the true main antagonist of Kill la Kill. She enjoys domination and control, lusting for power over the world in order to give it to the Life Fibers and is individualistically treacherous and sadistic, brutalizing and maniacally taunting Satsuki and Ryūko, her children, and tearing Ryūko’s heart out simply to make a point. When the Primordial Life Fiber went into hibernation, it became the duty of the Kiryūin family to keep it safe, with it being a rule that only the elder of the family would be allowed to witness it’s awakening. Ragyo’s goal are to take over the world in service of life fibers, an alien species that will supposedly grant her the power she craves.